The Team

Bring Your Own Chair (BYOC) is led by artist Michelle Browne and produced by the Workhouse Union with further technical, creative, design and research support and input from a broad team of collaborators.

Workhouse Union works with artists, designers, architects and craft makers to develop projects examining housing, civic infrastructure and the commons, engaging people with the spaces and places we live in.

Eilís Lavelle and Hannah McCormick are lead producers on the project working closely with the artist and participants and supported by their colleagues Rosie Lynch and Sinead Phelan in aspects of project management, research, design, writing and communication.

Paul Bokslag is an artist based in Callan, County Kilkenny whose work focuses on paper cuts and printmaking. For the project, he worked with 923 primary school pupils in fourteen schools delivering workshops inspired by the children’s own lived experience of their local town. Through papercuts, each child created a motif that became one part to a whole picture of the town, which was created as a risograph print.

Eimear O’Connell is a heritage consultant from Westmeath, based in Kilkenny. For Bring Your Own Chair Eimear is gathering the stories that connect a town’s heritage and history to the present.

An Endless Supply developed the visual design identity for the project through print and web. Tim Harper worked with Michelle to create graphic workshop materials (maps and questionnaires).

Photographer Brian Cregan documented various stages of the Town Visit public engagement and workshop elements of the project. Michelle is working closely with Ros Kavanagh to achieve the Town Portrait stage of the project. She is also working with a further team of creative associates to deliver the culmination of the project including Jeni Roddy (costume design), Alan Smith (carpentry) and Jon Garibzu (spatial design).

We work closely with a PR consultant Neans McSweeney to develop a national, regional and local reach for the project and Neans has been crucial in helping us articulate the complex project in an accessible way.